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Barry J. Hartnett

  • Bachelor of Science - Fairfield University in Chemistry
  • Master of Science - University of Bridgeport in Physical Chemistry
  • Certified Quality Engineer
  • Certified Lead Assessor

Barry Hartnett has served in various management positions in research and development, and quality for such companies as:

  • BASF
  • General Electric Defense Systems
  • Photo Circuits Kolmorgen - Multiwire, Technology, and Additive Circuits Divisions
  • Framatome Connectors International
  • Altec Lansing Technologies


  • Quality Systems
  • Chemical-Manufacturing Processes
  • Electronic Manufacturing Processes
  • Advanced Statistical Methodologies


  • Electroplating
  • Electroless Plating
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Cleaner Formulations
  • Specialty Chemical Formulations for
    the Printed Circuit Industry
  • Quality Systems
  • Statistics
  • Reliability
  • Training


Mr. Hartnett started his career at Shipley Company in Newton, MA., where he was responsible for research and development of electroless plating formulations and processes for "Plated Through Hole" (PTH) for bare board printed circuit boards and plating on plastics.

Mr. Hartnett then assumed the position of R&D chemist for BASF, where he was responsible for technical support on existing products and R&D on Low Temperature Iron Phosphates, cleaners, and electroplating formulations and processes.

Mr. Hartnett then moved to the position of Technical Director for Luster-On Products in Springfield, MA. He was responsible for R&D of various specialty cleaners, acid zinc electroplating formulations and the startup of the specialty chemical business for the electronics industry.

Mr. Hartnett then took over the position of Manager of Quality Assurance Materials and Processes for General Electric's Defense Systems Division. His management responsibilities included Incoming Quality Assurance Inspection, Material Review Board, Electronic Component Evaluation Laboratory, Subsystem Stress Screening Environmental Testing Laboratory, Metallographic Laboratory, Nondestructive X-ray Laboratory, Material and Processes Laboratory, and supplier certification. These activities were in support of Trident II guidance and firecontrol, Bradley fighting vehicle, transmission and turret drive, and consulting support on various IR&D programs for the Department of Defense.

Mr. Hartnett then took over the position of Director of Quality for Photocircuits Kollmorgen (PCK) Multiwire Division, where he was responsible for all division quality for a full CAD/CAM discrete wiring circuit board manufacturing facility. Mr. Hartnett was then transferred to PCK Technology where he managed the R&D of the Koldmold and PSP three dimensional circuitry programs for electroless additive plating on plastics. When PCK's Additive Circuit division was placed on Q1 probation by Ford Motor Company, Mr. Hartnett assumed the position of Director of Quality and was able to reestablish the division's Q1 rating within three months.

Mr. Hartnett then assumed the position of Corporate Director of Quality for Framatome Connectors International where he was responsible for FCI achieving certification to D1-9000 at all three manufacturing facilities, including facilities in the Dominican Republic.

Mr. Hartnett then became the Director of Quality for Altec Lansing Technologies, where he established the entire worldwide quality system and achieved ISO 9002 registration for Altec's manufacturing facilities in Dong Guan, China.

Mr. Hartnett then assumed positions in quality and process control at Anadigics. Concentration was on quality and process control in the manufacturing of Gallium Arsenide semiconductor devices

Mr. Hartnett is now actively involved in parts, material, and process engineering for the aerospace industry. Concentration is on EEE and EED devices for support of Launch Boost Vehicles.